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Satellite TV Music (Audio Only) Channel list and pricing are subject to change.
Music (Audio Only) Direct Channels
Music (Audio Only) Dish Network Channels
Call LettersDescriptionMusic (Audio Only) Direct Package
Music (Audio Only) Dish Network Package
Music (Audio Only) (Music (Audio Only) Satellite TV)
--DCD DISH CD: Estilos-Top 120
-950DCD 950DISH CD: Screen Door-Top 120
-951DCD 951DISH CD: Rawhide-Top 120
-952DCD 952DISH CD: Nashville USA-Top 120
-953DCD 953DISH CD: Jukebox Gold-Top 120
-954DCD 954DISH CD: Songbook-Top 120
-955DCD 955DISH CD: Unforgettable-Top 120
-956DCD 956DISH CD: Cashmere-Top 120
-957DCD 957DISH CD: Backpages-Top 120
-958DCD 958DISH CD: Strobe-Top 120
-959DCD 959DISH CD: Rock Show-Top 120
-960DCD 960DISH CD: Feedback-Top 120
-961DCD 961DISH CD: Ink\'d-Top 120
-962DCD 962DISH CD: NUJazz-Top 120
-963DCD 963DISH CD: Concrete Beats-Top 120
-965DCD 965DISH CD: Fiesta Mexicana-Top 120
-966DCD 966DISH CD: Frequency-Top 120
-967DCD 967DISH CD: Jazz Traditions-Top 120
-968DCD 968DISH CD: Impressions-Top 120
-969DCD 969DISH CD: Acoustic Crossroads-Top 120
-970DCD 970DISH CD: Plaza-Top 120
-971DCD 971DISH CD: Ensembles-Top 120
-972DCD 972DISH CD: Intermezzo-Top 120
-973DCD 973DISH CD: Easy Instrumentals-Top 120
-974DCD 974DISH CD: Swing Kings-Top 200
-975DCD 975DISH CD: The Light-Top 120
-976DCD 976DISH CD: Kid Tunes-Top 120
-977DCD 977DISH CD: Aura-Top 120
-978DCD 978DISH CD: Lucille-Top 120
-979DCD 979DISH CD: Kingston-Top 120
-980DCD 980DISH CD: BYU Radio Network-Top 120
-981DCD 981DISH CD: Hawaiian Music-Top 120
-923DishMusic 923DISH Music: Hitline-Top 250
-924DishMusic 924DISH Music: Hot FM-Top 250
-925DishMusic 925DISH Music: Expressions-Top 250
-926DishMusic 926DISH Music: Love Songs-Top 250
-927DishMusic 927DISH Music: City Lights-Top 250
-928DishMusic 928DISH Music: Moodscapes-Top 250
-929DishMusic 929DISH Music: Gumbo-Top 250
-930DishMusic 930DISH Music: Piano and Guitar-Top 250
-931DishMusic 931DISH Music: 4 Decades of Music-Top 250
-933DishMusic 933DISH Music: 50\'s and 60\'s Hits-Top 250
-934DishMusic 934DISH Music: 70\'s Hits-Top 250
-935DishMusic 935DISH Music: 80\'s Hits-Top 250
-936DishMusic 936DISH Music: Shag Beach-Top 250
-937DishMusic 937DISH Music: Country Music One-Top 250
-938DishMusic 938DISH Music: The Blvd.-Top 250
-939DishMusic 939DISH Music: Mo\' Soul-Top 250
-944DishMusic 944DISH Music: Little Italy-Top 250
-945DishMusic 945DISH Music: Tropical Breezes-Top 250
-946DishMusic 946DISH Music: Roadhouse-Top 250
-6001SIRI 6001Sirius Sirius Hits One - Top 40 Hits-Top 200
-6002SIRI 6002Sirius Starlight Pop-Top 200
-6003SIRI 6003Sirius - Love Songs-Top 200
-6004SIRI 6004Sirius Movin Easy-Easy Listening Hits-Top 200
-6005SIRI 6005Sirius Sirius Gold - 50 & 60 Hits-Top 200
-6006SIRI 6006Sirius 100'S Vibration - 100'S Hits-Top 200
-6007SIRI 6007Sirius Totally 70'S - 70'S Hits-Top 200
-6008SIRI 6008Sirius Big 80'S-80'S Hits-Top 200
-6009SIRI 6009Sirius The Pulse-The 90'S & Now-Top 200
-6011SIRI 6011Sirius - Bbc Radio 1-Top 200
-6012SIRI 6012Sirius - Mellow Rock-Top 200
-6013SIRI 6013Sirius - Elvis-Top 200
-6014SIRI 6014Sirius Classic Vinyl - Early Rock-Top 200
-6015SIRI 6015Sirius Classic Rewind-Recent Rock-Top 200
-6016SIRI 6016Sirius The Vault-Deep Cuts-Top 200
-6017SIRI 6017Sirius Jam On-Jam Bands-Top 200
-6018SIRI 6018Sirius Spectrum - World Class Rock-Top 200
-6019SIRI 6019Sirius Buzzsaw - Classic Hard Rock-Top 200
-6020SIRI 6020Sirius Octane-Pure Hard Rock-Top 200
-6021SIRI 6021Sirius Alt Nation - Alternative Rock-Top 200
-6022SIRI 6022Sirius First Wave-Classic Alternative-Top 200
-6023SIRI 6023Sirius Hair Nation-80'S Hair Bands-Top 200
-6024SIRI 6024Sirius Lithium-Top 200
-6025SIRI 6025Sirius - Underground Garage-Top 200
-6026SIRI 6026Sirius Left Of Center-College Rock-Top 200
-6027SIRI 6027Sirius Hard Attack-Heavy Metal-Top 200
-6028SIRI 6028Sirius Faction-Rock/Hip-Hop/Punk-Top 200
-6029SIRI 6029Sirius Punk Rock-Top 200
-6030SIRI 6030SIRIUS The Coffee House-Top 200
-6031SIRI 6031Sirius - Margaritaville-Top 200
-6033SIRI 6033Sirius Area 63-Top 200
-6035SIRI 6035Sirius Chill-Top 200
-6036SIRI 6036SIRIUS BPM-Top 200
-6038SIRI 6038SIRIUS Area-Top 200
-6039SIRI 6039Sirius Boombox-Top 200
-6045SIRI 6045Sirius Shade 45-Top 200
-6050SIRI 6050Sirius Hot Jamz-Hip Hop & R&B Hits-Top 200
-6051SIRI 6051Sirius Heart & Soul - R&B Hits-Top 200
-6060SIRI 6060Sirius New Country-Top 200
-6061SIRI 6061Sirius Prime 80'S & 90'S Country-Top 200
-6062SIRI 6062Sirius The Roadhouse-Classic Country-Top 200
-6063SIRI 6063Sirius Outlaw Country-Top 200
-6065SIRI 6065Sirius Bluegrass-Bluegrass Music-Top 200
-6066SIRI 6066Sirius Spirit - Christian Hits-Top 200
-6067SIRI 6067Sirius Enlighten-Gospel-Top 200
-6068SIRI 6068Sirius Praise-Gospel Music-Top 200
-6071SIRI 6071Sirius Jazz Cafe-Smooth Jazz-Top 200
-6073SIRI 6073Sirius Spa 73 - New Age-Top 200
-6074SIRI 6074Sirius Blues - Classic Blues-Top 200
-6075SIRI 6075Siriusly Sinatra-Top 200
-6076SIRI 6076SIRIUS Escape-Top 200
-6077SIRI 6077Sirius Broadway'S Best Musicals-Top 200
-6078SIRI 6078Sirius Opera Channel-Top 200
-6079SIRI 6079Sirius Pops-Classical Favorites-Top 200
-6080SIRI 6080Sirius Universo Lation - Latin Pop-Top 200
-6081SIRI 6081Sirius The Strobe - Disco-Top 200
-6083SIRI 6083Sirius Rumbon - Reggaeton/Tropical-Top 200
-6084SIRI 6084Sirius Regae Rhythms-Top 250
801-SONC 801SONC: Jazz: Big Band/SwingChoice -
802-SONC 802SONC: Oldies: Malt Shop OldiesChoice -
803-SONC 803SONC: Oldies: 60's RevolutionChoice -
804-SONC 804SONC: Oldies: 70's HitsChoice -
805-SONC 805SONC: Oldies: 80's HitsChoice -
806-SONC 806SONC: Pop/Adult: 90's HitsChoice -
807-SONC 807SONC: Rat PackChoice -
808-SONC 808SONC: Country: Traditional CountryChoice -
809-SONC 809SONC: Country: Hit CountryChoice -
810-SONC 810SONC: Country: Red, Rock and BluesChoice -
811-SONC 811SONC: Country: Honky Tonk TavernChoice -
812-SONC 812SONC: Bluegrass: BluegrassChoice -
813-SONC 813SONC: Folk: Folk RockChoice Extra-
814-SONC 814SONC: Country: Modern CountryChoice -
815-SONC 815SONC: Holiday & HappeningsChoice Ultimate-
816-SONC 816SONC: Pop/Adult: Today's HitsChoice -
817-SONC 817SONC: Pop/Adult: Y2K HitsChoice -
818-SONC 818SONC: Pop/Adult: Hottest HitsChoice -
819-SONC 819SONC: Pop/Adult: Love SongsChoice -
820-SONC 820SONC: Contemporary InstrumentalsChoice -
821-SONC 821SONC: Pop/Adult: ContemopraryChoice -
822-SONC 822SONC: Standards: Silver ScreenChoice -
823-SONC 823SONC: Standards: ShowtunesChoice Extra-
824-SONC 824SONC: Groove LoungeChoice Extra-
825-SONC 825SONC: Urban: Hot Jamz (Hip Hop)Choice Extra-
826-SONC 826SONC: Religious: The SpiritChoice -
827-SONC 827SONC: Religious: Gospel GloryChoice -
828-SONC 828SONC: Religious: HallelujahChoice Extra-
829-SONC 829SONC: Rock: Hair GuitarChoice Extra-
830-SONC 830SONC: Rock: Full Metal JacketChoice Extra-
831-SONC 831SONC: Rock: College RockChoice Extra-
832-SONC 832SONC: Rock: Adult AlternativeChoice -
833-SONC 833SONC: Rock: Classic RockChoice -
834-SONC 834SONC: Rock: AlternativeChoice -
835-SONC 835SONC: Rock: Ink'dChoice -
836-SONC 836SONC: Standards: Singers-SongwritersChoice -
837-SONC 837SONC: Classic Rock: Classic Hits BlendChoice Extra-
838-SONC 838SONC: Rock: Reality BitesChoice -
839-SONC 839SONC: Alt: Flashback/New WaveChoice Extra-
840-SONC 840SONC: Specialty: 8-TracksChoice -
841-SONC 841SONC: Rock: Spike (Explicit Lyrics)Choice Extra-
842-SONC 842SONC: Urban: Classic R&BChoice -
843-SONC 843SONC: Urban: Silky SoulChoice -
844-SONC 844SONC: Urban: Old School FunkChoice Extra-
845-SONC 845SONC: Dance: Retro DiscoChoice -
846-SONC 846SONC: Urban: The BoomboxChoice -
847-SONC 847SONC: Urban: Hype (Explicit Lyrics)Choice -
848-SONC 848SONC: Alternative: Coffeehouse RockChoice Extra-
849-SONC 849SONC: Rock: Soft HitsChoice -
850-SONC 850SONC: Jazz: Classic Jazz Vocal BandChoice -
851-SONC 851SONC: Jazz: Smooth JazzChoice -
852-SONC 852SONC: JazzChoice Extra-
853-SONC 853SONC: Metro BlendChoice -
854-SONC 854SONC: Specialty: BluesChoice -
855-SONC 855SONC: Great StandardsChoice -
856-SONC 856SONC: Health & Fitness: New AgeChoice -
857-SONC 857SONC: Health & Fitness: ZenChoice -
858-SONC 858SONC: Dance: SubTerraneanChoice -
859-SONC 859SONC: Dance: DanceChoice -
860-SONC 860SONC: Modern WorkoutChoice Extra-
861-SONC 861SONC: PUMP!Choice Extra-
862-SONC 862SONC: Classic Rock WorkoutChoice Extra-
863-SONC 863SONC: International: ReggaeChoice -
864-SONC 864SONC: Classical: SymphonicChoice -
865-SONC 865SONC: PianoPremier-
866-SONC 866SONC: Classical: Light ClassicalChoice -
867-SONC 867SONC: Specialty: Be-TweenChoice Extra-
868-SONC 868SONC: Specialty: The PlaygroundChoice Extra-
869-SONC 869SONC: Latin: Bailamos!Choice Extra-
870-SONC 870SONC: Fiesta TropicalChoice -
871-SONC 871SONC: Latin HitsChoice -
872-SONC 872SONC: Music of the AmericasChoice -
873-SONC 873SONC: Regional MexicanPremier-
874-SONC 874SONC: SalsaChoice -
875-SONC 875SONC: HurbanoChoice -
876-SONC 876SONC: MariachiChoice -
877-SONC 877SONC: Carnaval BrasileiroPremier-
878-SONC 878SONC: Rock en EspanolChoice -
879-SONC 879SONC: Latin JazzChoice -
880-SONC 880SONC: Familiar FavoritesChoice Extra-
881-SONC 881SONC: Italian Bistro BlendChoice Ultimate-
882-SONC 882SONC: Italian ContemporaryPremier-
883-SONC 883SONC: IrishChoice Extra-
884-SONC 884SONC: TranquilityChoice Ultimate-


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