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Satellite TV High Definition Channel list and pricing are subject to change.
High Definition Direct Channels
High Definition Dish Network Channels
Call LettersDescriptionHigh Definition Direct Package
High Definition Dish Network Package
High Definition (High Definition Satellite TV)
311-ABCFHDABC FamilyChoice HD-
681-ALTSPRTHDAltitude Sports & EntertainmentPremier HD-
-130AMCHDAmerican Movie Classics (AMC)-Top 200 HD
282184ANIMALHDAnimal Planet Choice HDTop 200 HD
265118A&EHDA&E Choice HDTop 120 HD
-135BBCHDBBC America-Top 200 HD
329124BETHDBlack Entertainment Television (BET)Choice HDTop 200 HD
266119BIOHDThe Biography ChannelChoice Extra HDTop 250 HD
273129BRAVOHDBravo Choice HDTop 200 HD
610439BTNHDBig Ten Network Choice HDTop 200 HD
296176CARTHDCartoon Network Choice HDTop 120 HD
613152CBSCHDCBS College Sports NetworkPremier HDTop 200 HD
566368CIHDCrime & Investigation Network HDHD Extra PakHD|Platinum
327166CMTVHDCountry Music Television (CMT)Choice HDTop 120 HD
355208CNBCHDCNBC Choice HDTop 120 HD
202200CNNHDCNN Choice HDTop 120 HD
249107COMHDComedy CentralChoice HDTop 120 HD
-113COOKHDCooking Channel -Top 250 HD
698-CSCAHDCSN California HDPremier HD-
696-CSNBHDCSN Bay Area HDPremier HD-
665-CSNCHDComcast SportsNet (Chicago)Premier HD-
630-CSNEHDComcast SportsNet (North East)Premier HD-
642-CSNHDComcast Sports Net Premier HD-
290-DISNHDDisney Channel (East)Choice HD-
-111DIYHDDIY Network-Top 250 HD
278182DSCHDDiscovery Channel Choice HDTop 120 HD
292-DXDHDDisney XD Choice HD-
-381EPIX2EPIX 2-HD|Platinum
207-ESNHDESPN NewsChoice HD-
209144ESNP2HDESPN2 Choice HDTop 120 HD
206140ESPNHDESPN Choice HDTop 120 HD
-114E!HDETV -Top 120 HD
-374FASHIONFashion TV-HD|Platinum
359206FBNHDFox BusinessChoice Extra HDTop 250 HD
360205FNCHDFox News ChannelChoice HDTop 120 HD
231110FOODHDFood Network Choice HDTop 120 HD
619149FSCHDFox Soccer ChannelPremier HDTop 250 HD
661-FSCINHDFSN Cincinnati HDPremier HD-
671-FSMWHDFSN Midwest HDPremier HD-
686-FSNAZHDFSN ArizonaPremier HD-
663-FSNDHDFSN DetroitPremier HD-
687-FSNNWHDFSN NorthwestPremier HD-
660-FSNOHFSN OhioPremier HD-
668-FSNORHDFSN North HDPremier HD-
659-FSNPHDFSN PittsburghPremier HD-
683-FSNRMHDFSN Rocky MountainPremier HD-
676-FSNSWHDFSN SouthwestPremier HD-
692-FSNWHDFSN WestPremier HD-
-271FTRAEHDTelefutura East-Top 200 HD
618-FUELHDFuel TVChoice Extra HD-
248-FXHDFX Choice HD-
-191G4HDG4 Videogame TV-Top 200 HD
218401GOLFHDThe Golf Channel HDPremier HDTop 200 HD
-185HALMRKHDHallmark Channel-Top 200 HD
502-HBOCHDHBO2 (East) HDPremier HD-
501-HBOHDHBO (East)Premier HD-
504-HBOWHDHBO (West) Premier HD-
306-HDNHD NetChoice HD-
561383HDNMHDNet MoviesHD Extra PakHD|Platinum
281364HDTHHD TheaterChoice HDHD|Platinum
229112HGTVHDHome & Garden Television Choice HDTop 120 HD
-121HISINTHDHistory International-Top 250 HD
269120HISTHDThe History Channel Choice HDTop 120 HD
-202HLNHDHeadline News-Top 120 HD
312187HMCHDHallmark Movie Channel HDChoice HDTop 250 HD
-192IDHDInvestigation Discovery-Top 200 HD
252108LIFEHDLifetime HDChoice HDTop 120 HD
-109LMNHDLifetime Movie Network HD-Top 200 HD
640-MASNHDMid Atlantic Sports NetworkPremier HD-
515-MAXHDCinemax (East) Premier HD-
516-MAXwHDCinemax (West) Premier HD-
562385MGMHDMGM HDHD Extra PakHD|Platinum
635-MSG+HDMSG PlusPremier HD-
356209MSNBCHDMSNBC HDChoice HDTop 200 HD
331-MTVHDMTVChoice HD-
103-N3DHDn3DChoice HD-
216402NBAHDNBA TV HDChoice Extra HDTop 200 HD
628-NESNHDNew England Sports NetworkPremier HD-
212154NFLHDNFL Network Choice HDTop 200 HD
276-NGCHDNational Geographic Channel Choice Extra HD-
215403NHLHDNHL The Home of Hockey HDChoice Extra HDTop 200 HD
299170NIKHDNickelodeon/Nick at Nite (East)Choice HDTop 120 HD
567369PLDAHDPalladia/MHDHD Extra PakHD|Platinum
286194PLGNHDPlanet GreenChoice Extra HDTop 250 HD
694-PTHDPrime Ticket HDPremier HD-
284193SCIENCEHDThe Science Channel Choice HDTop 250 HD
531-SCINEHDStarz CinemaPremier HD-
551-SHNXHDShowtime Next HDPremier HD-
545-SHOHDShowtime Premier HD-
547-SHOW2HDShowtime Too Premier HD-
550-SHOWBShowtime BeyondPremier HD-
546-SHOwHDShowtime (West) Premier HD-
548-SHOWSCHDShowtime ShowcasePremier HD-
549-SHOWXHDShowtime ExtremePremier HD-
552-SHWMHDShowtime Women HDPremier HD-
639-SNYHDSportsNet New YorkPremier HD-
607150SPEEDHDSpeed Channel Choice Extra HDTop 200 HD
241168SPKEHDSpikeChoice HDTop 120 HD
-285SPMNHDSportsman Channel -Top 250 HD
649-SPSOHDSportSouth HDPremier HD-
530-STARZBHDStarz InBlackPremier HD-
526-STARZCMDYHDStarz Comedy Premier HD-
535340STARZENCHDStarz - Encore (East) HDChoice Ultimate HDTop 250 HD
527-STARZHDStarz (East) Premier HD-
525-STARZKHDStarz Kids & Family (East)Premier HD-
528-STARZWHDStarz (West) Premier HD-
662-STOHDSportsTime OhioPremier HD-
-115STYLEHDStyle-Top 250 HD
653-SUNSHDSun SportsPremier HD-
244122SYFYHDSCI FI Channel Choice HDTop 120 HD
244122SYFYHDSyfyChoice HDTop 120 HD
101-T101HDThe 101Choice HD-
247139TBSHDTBS Choice HDTop 120 HD
-132TCMHDTurner Classic Movies-Top 200 HD
217400TENNISHDTennis ChannelChoice Extra HDTop 250 HD
280183TLCHDThe Learning Channel (TLC) Choice HDTop 120 HD
554-TMCHDThe Movie Channel Choice Ultimate HD-
556-TMCXHDTMC Xtra HD EastPremier HD-
245138TNTHDTNT Choice HDTop 120 HD
277215TRAVHDTravel Channel HDChoice HDTop 120 HD
-204TRUHDtruTV-Top 200 HD
362214TWCHDThe Weather Channel Choice HDTop 120 HD
564366UHDUniversal HDHD Extra PakHD|Platinum
-270UNVSNHDUnivision-Top 200 HD
242105USAHDUSA Network Choice HDTop 120 HD
335162VH1HDVH1Choice HDTop 120 HD
603151VSHDVersus HDChoice Extra HDTop 250 HD
-394WFNWorld Fishing Network-HD|Platinum
307239WGNHDWGN America HDChoice Extra HDTop 200 HD
631-YESHDYES NetworkPremier HD-


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